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Falls Road Mural Tour

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★★★★★ (5/ 5) 3 Reviews

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The Coiste Irish Political Tour has been for many visitors to The North of Ireland the highlight of their trip.  This particular tour has attracted visitors to West Belfast in their thousands in recent times. Many of them have had the unsuspecting opportunity to meet many leading figures involved in the current peace process and also those who were in prison as a result of the British/Irish conflict. 

Former activists and political ex-prisoners from within the Republican community host this 3 hour walking tour and provide the visitor with an in depth insight into the most recent phase of the Anglo/Irish conflict (also referred to as the Troubles).  The guides weave their own personal stories into the tour as they visit many different sites that explain both the local and wider history of Ireland. For these guides this project is a living history.  These guides are a primary source and an invaluable link into the most recent phase of struggle.

The tour starts at Divis Tower at the bottom of the Falls Road and travels through a main arterial route of West Belfast, visiting The International Wall, the Republican Memorial gardens and many many murals, each with their own particular story, some relating to conflict in other areas around the world.

The tour finishes at Milltown Cemetery where three of the hunger strikers who died during the 1981 hunger strike are buried with other comrades who also paid the ultimate sacrifice in pursuance of their political beliefs.  This tour is a must do for the visitor to Belfast.  It is a living history provided by those who have lived through the conflict and helped shape the current peace process of today.

Join this tour every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10.00am and every Sunday at 2.00pm.

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  • Falls Road Walking Tour Ticket £10 3 hour tour ticket. Suitable for Adults and groups.

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Terms & Conditions

Tour start times

Please ensure you turn arrive at least 10 mins before the beginning of the tour. 

Duration & Starting point

The tour involves around 3 hours of walking, please ensure you have suitable footwear. The starting point of the tour is 1A Divis St, 1A Divis St, Belfast BT12 4QA, UK ( at the front of the Divis tower ). 

Questions and Special requests.

If you have any questions / special requests please contact us on +44 (0) 28 90 200770.


All purchases are non refundable. 


If for any reason the tour is cancelled, you will be offered a refund or an alternative tour. We will do our best to contact you in the event of a cancellation. 

Customer Reviews

  • Coiste Irish Political Tour ★★★★★5 Review by Damián Rgz Just Excellent. It was a rainy day, but that only gave the tour more atmosphere. A few hours walking and learning everything about the irish struggle for freedom. 100% authentic, not like the taxi tours to the murals. You will get the whole pack, even an end in a proper pub! I will remember that day forever. Thank you!
  • Coiste Irish Political Tour ★★★★★5 Review by Klaas Moerman How better to understand the complex story of Ireland than to listen to someone who lived it? The Falls Road tour is not your typical sightseeing-from-the-distance city tour, but a direct confrontation with Belfast and its history. Well worth the time! Go raibh maith agat.
  • For people with a passion for politics, history & ★★★★★5 Review by Scott T Ideas... In case you are intimidated by the thought of going somewhere so synonymous with a tragedy that is still in living memory, my advice is not to be. The guide did a great job and was an absolute stalwart for indulging our curiosity for hours on a freezing cold day. The tour remains mindful of the real human tragedies involved but it is also fascinating to walk where the events you remember from watching the news happened. In the end it is heartening to go to places that must have been off the map for visitors not so very long ago. You can only wish this initiative well and hope history continues to vindicate those who made the case for the ballot box over the Armalite.