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Belfast Mic N Hike Walking Tour

Donegall Quay, Belfast

Available all year

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★★★★★ (5/ 5) 4 Reviews

  • Historic
  • Everyone
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Enjoy a unique guided walking tour along the River Lagan and the city centre, where you will hear the fascinating stories of Belfast's maritime/industrial heritage and political/religious upheavals. The tour includes access (Mon-Fri) into the historic Harbour Office (see Captain Smith’s dining table, finished too late to make it onto Titanic) and learn of Belfast’s unique connection with the American Declaration of Independence. We use a state of the art radio receiver and ear piece so every story and fact can be heard. 

 Tour starts at the Big Fish, Donegall Quay and ends at the City Hall, Duration approx. 2 hours. 


  • Views across the River Lagan to the Titanic Slipway. 
  • Clarendon Dry Docks (oldest in Ireland). 
  • Access into the historic Harbour Office to view the Heritage Room and Captain Smiths dining table, too late for Titanic (Mon – Fri). 
  • High Street, the story of Belfast’s origins, William III’s entry to Belfast, the United Irishmen Rebellion, the Belfast Newsletter’s connection to the American Declaration of Independence. 
  • The oldest surviving Church in Belfast and still in use, the historic 1st Presbyterian Church, Rosemary Street. 
  • The Assembly Buildings and the story of the Belfast Slave ship Company. 
  • The Cathedral Quarter and the fantastic Commercial Court Cultural Murals. How many cultural and sporting icons can you spot?
  • St Anne’s Cathedral, (see the largest Celtic cross in the world) and Writers Square. 
  • Royal Avenue, Bank Square. 
  • The tour ends in the grounds of the fabulous City Hall at the Titanic Memorial, where your guide will highlight other fantastic sightseeing opportunities.

Check the TinyTours review of the Mic and Hike Belfast Walking Tour.

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Terms & Conditions



1.    Tours are 'Dog Friendly', dog owners will be responsible for their animals behaviour at all times, all dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, and dog owners will be expected to clean up after their dogs in line with local regulations.

2.    Tours will begin on time, participants must arrive 15 mins before the scheduled time.

3.    Belfast Mic Tours reserve the right to change the route, start/finish locations and scheduled stops, the reasons for changes may include ‘Special Events’,‘Parades’, ‘Festivals’, ‘Outdoor Concerts’ or weekend closing. We will give notice of changes via the Website (Latest News) or during the safety brief before the tour begins.

4.    Tours will take place come ‘rain or shine’, participants are advised to check the local weather forecasts, and have suitable clothing for inclement weather even in the summer months. 


1.   Tours may be cancelled due to 'Extreme' weather conditions, or other factors outside the control of 'Belfast Mic Tours' in this instance participants will be contacted as soon as reasonably possible and a full refund or re-schedule offered.

2.   Tours may also be cancelled if only 1 person has booked, again in this case a full refund or re-schedule will be offered.


1.    Payments will be applied at the time of booking.

2.    Full payment is due before commencement of tour.


Your information will not be disclosed to any third party and will only be used for the purpose of this website.


1.    Tours will go ahead with a minimum of 2 paying participants, or in some cases single participants may be asked to join another tour on the same day.

2.    Bookings may be made for single participants, Belfast Mic Tours welcome ‘Independent Travellers’, though there must be a minimum of 2 participants on each tour.


Tours are accessible for wheel chairs and mobility scooters, participants must be able to travel at a reasonable walking pace. 



1.   Participants should make the tour leader aware of any existing medical conditions before the tour begins. The tour leader will decide if the participant can proceed with the tour, based on the information presented to them.

2.   All participants will be expected to walk at a reasonable rate for approx 1.5 hours, most of the routes are on paths and mostly on flat ground.

3.   No refund will be given for participants who are deemed by the Tour Leader to be unfit to proceed with the tour.


1.   If a participant is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs and therefore a risk to themselves and others, they will not be permitted to take part in the tour, no refund will be given.


1.   Participants under 18 must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult (18 or over). The responsible adult must also ensure that under 18’s in their care have fully understood the Health & Safety briefing.


1.   Belfast Mic Tours will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal items, valuables or clothing during the tour, participants will be expected to manage the security of all personal belongings for the duration of the tour.


1.   Belfast Mic Tours will endeavour to exceed the expectation of participants during the tour and provide an enjoyable and memorable experience, but it or its agents cannot be held responsible for circumstances outside its control, and for any deviation in the planned route or access to buildings or other ‘areas of interest’.


1.   All participants will be expected to follow all reasonable instructions given to them by the tour leader. Any participants thought by the tour leader to be disregarding reasonable instructions given to them and thus endangering themselves or others will be asked to leave the tour. In this instance no refund will be given.


I understand that participating in a walking tour may involve risks. I accept these risks and obligations.I release Belfast Mic Tours from any liabilities connected to these risks to the maximum extent permitted by law.I also agree that all persons in this booking also understand all of the conditions outlined.

Customer Reviews

  • Highly recommended! ★★★★★5 Review by Zebi At first we thought that this would be a regular walking tour - don't be mistaken. Donal is a very good story teller and goes into the history of Belfast and takes you on a journey of the making of the city. A major plus of this tour is the Mic headsets that Donal supplies, which makes the experience much easier to follow without interruptions. This is suitable for everyone ( including groups ) and for a 2 hour tour is worth every penny!
  • Donal Kelly's Mike 'n' Hike tour ★★★★★5 Review by Christian Pierce I took Donal's Mike 'n' Hike tour with my parents last summer. We had a wonderful time walking through downtown Belfast with his guidance. Not only is Donal knowledgeable about the history of Belfast to a ludicrous degree, he's able to bring it all across in an interesting way. It's clear that not only has he done quite a bit of research, but he actually enjoys what he does. I can say that you will be getting a pretty good view into the history of Belfast, why it is the way it is today and of course the history of the native industries and the remnants thereof. The whole time, you will be with someone who is very friendly and encourages questions and engagement. Do not waste the opportunity.
  • Donal’s MicnHike tour is by far my favourite ★★★★★5 Review by Chloe Of all the tours I have been on, Donal’s MicnHike tour is by far my favourite. Donal offers a comprehensive and enlightening tour, that stretches out over the quarters in the city. As someone who has worked in the tourism industry for a number of years, Donal’s tour surprised and delighted me as I learned more about my home city than I could have possibly imagined. Suitable not only for tourists but locals as well, MicnHike teaches you of the deep, rich cultural history that Belfast has to offer – seeing places that you’ve known your whole life through a different lens. I cannot recommend Donal’s tour enough to those wanting the full Belfast experience.
  • Our walking tour of Belfast was excellent . ★★★★★5 Review by Mary Cullen Donal Kelly was informed and very knowledgeable. He made allowances for one of our party who was unable to walk as quickly as the rest of us and the two hours seemed very short! As a native of Belfast I found his tour particularly interesting and I have no hesitation in recommending him whether you are a local or a tourist! The Mic system works very well and makes it very easy for the whole party to keep up with the commentary. Mary